Indications of a Needed Greensboro Drain Cleaning

Posted by on Sep 19, 2014 in Drain Cleaning Greensboro NC

When you imagine the phrase “drain cleaning,” you may think about the viscous, hazardous, neon-colored fluid that you can buy at hardware shops and huge supermarket. While chemical drain cleaners could promise to get rid of even the most durable clogs, there are times when they do not work appropriately, and, exactly what’s even worse, they can really do substantial damage to your plumbing system. Although your plumbing system may be developed out of resilient metals and plastics, it’s not invincible, and you need to be careful with exactly what you take down the drain.

Signs that Drain Cleaning Greensboro NC Help is Needed

Sluggish Drains
One of the first indicators that you have a partial accumulation of things in your drain is a slow drain. While it might not necessary stop you from taking a shower or using the kitchen sink, it can be a hassle to handle, and it tends only to get even worse over time. It can take place in your shower as a result of extreme hair or soap scum gathering on the interior surface area of your pipes. Occasionally, even a hair stopper can not prevent this from occurring, although it makes a decent preventive gadget.

Clogged Drains
Another, perhaps more obvious, indicator that you must benefit from drain cleaning is a stopped up or obstructed drain. If you find that your drains fail to clear, then it implies you have a significant clog within the drain system. It could be regional to your shower or bathroom sink, or it could be a comprehensive issue related to a sewage system line clog. In either case, drain cleaning is a fantastic way to prevent additional clogged up drains throughout the home.

Professional Drain Cleaning Has Not Been Done Already
If you have never ever had an expert drain cleaning service performed at your house, then it could be a great idea to have it completed soon. There is no better preventive measure to assist keep plumbing issues at bay suggests Greensboro Drain Cleaning.

Here is a tip from on how to unclog a drain with baking soda and vinegar

Pour 3/4-1 cup of baking soda in the drain.
Pour 1/2 cup vinegar in the drain and immediately cover the drain (I use a plug or set a plate over it – you want to keep everything inside the drain)
Leave everything to sit and work for about 30 mins (don’t use the sink during this time)
After 30 mins, remove the cover and let hot water run through the pipes for about 2-3 mins.
for really tough clogs you may need to repeat – but I find if I do this on a regular basis (about once a month) it keeps my drains clear and fresh with out any problems.

This is a good alternative to using chemical drain cleaners to first try, and for some regular preventative drain cleaning at home.

Stephanie Evans gives a nice explanation of how baking soda works to clean:

Baking soda is a base and when combined with vinegar, an acid, reacts to form carbon dioxide and sodium acetate (remember the volcano you built in science class back in school- same concept! This also works as a magic combination for vegan baked goods!). In drains, it works to create scrubby bubbles on the drain’s insides. Instead of rising up and out, as with the volcano, it is sent down into the drain dissolving the gunk. These natural, non-toxic ingredients get flushed further down ensuring a clog-free drain. Baking soda and vinegar are common, non-toxic ingredients posing no health dangers when used as discussed. They are natural ingredients preferable to the sodium hydroxide, commonly known as lye, found in most drain cleaners. According to the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, sodium hydroxide can burn skin. (read more at

When any of the “homemade” remedies you have tried are not successful any longer, give us a call to do a thorough cleaning of your Greensboro drains that will help ensure they continue to run well for a long time.
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